Your Rebirth Contract

I Am Committed To Changing My Life

At Your Rebirth you will receive unconditional love. At the same time, you are expected to take your teachings and treatment seriously. Loving yourself means that you will put in effort to empower yourself. You will work with your guide and take full responsibility for your growth. 

If you're serious about beginning your goals you'll commit to working with your guide for at least 3-6 months to establish a sound therapeutic relationship, and then you'll continue your work with your guide to replace unhealthy thinking patterns and behaviors that have been preventing you from your goals. 

In the beginning, weekly sessions are ideal. You and your guide will establish a day and time for you to reserve. This will be the slot that you will be seen to create consistency in your treatment. Be patient with yourself while becoming your authentic self. 

Cancellation Policy

(for individual therapy and phone counseling)

Please understand that when you schedule an appointment you are reserving a time slot and if you do not keep your appointment you have deprived someone else from attending.  Therefore a 48 hour notice of cancellation is a required.

If you do not cancel 48 hours before your scheduled session, then you'll have to pay $100, (cash payment if you usually pay with your insurance or $100, if you usually pay with cash) for your missed session, and pay it to Ms. Honor, before your following session.

Cancellations unless there is an imminent emergency reflect your commitment and motivation in your treatment. Discipline yourself to making a commitment to yourself. Reasons to cancel: You or your child is in the emergency room or hospital. Weather: If public transportation is working you are still expected to keep your appointment.

If you're sick, and you cancel less than 48 hours you are still expected to pay the cancellation fee, because you reserved the slot.

Canceling 2 times during a 3 month period, may require end of service. 

Please understand that you'll be billed and expected to furnish payment for same day no shows and cancellations that are not made 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. Refunds aren't available for missed appointments, cancellations, or no shows.

*For in person sessions cash is only accepted, as there are no credit card machines at the office. If you wish to pay by credit card or checking account, you may pay via Chase Quick Pay or PayPal.


Because of her schedule and commitments, Ms. Honor is NOT available to work with court related cases, provide court evaluations, attend courts, or hearings. Please respect this decision. Ms. Honor, does not work with people who are only coming to treatment to have documents completed. The goal for Your Rebirth, is to work with people who are committed to improving their lives and interactions with their fellow human beings.

Honor Yourself And Practice Self-Discipline

To change unhealthy behaviors you must have hope and the desire to change. You must then practice self-discipline and have patience with yourself to see the change you desire. 

Your Rebirth is committed to working with people who are seeking the path to enlightenment. Have faith in yourself. The mere fact that you're on this site and reading these words mean that you are already on the path of enlightenment.

Let the healing begin!